How to make your girlfriend feel special?


How to make your girlfriend feel special? This is the common question in every boy’s mind. Yea I know, I too, am a male. It’s another thing that each boy has his own way of pleasing at ease. It’s upon the girl, how she accepts it. As its different liking and taste for everyone and for a varied species like humans, its quite natural.

Now, it’s very essential in a relationship that both the partners understand each other quite well. One must be acquainted with her likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorites, habits, taste and dreams. These are the must know for a boyfriend though, rest is a psychological game. If you are smart, you can win her over and over again. If not, all the best to you.

It’s a different style and way each time as all girls are different. But at the same time, she is a daughter, sister and a friend and most importantly a woman, so never break her heart if she is love of your life. In this post, we shall see some of the tips for making your girlfriend feel special. Ok friends, just read the post till the end to know all the tips on how to make your girlfriend feel special.

Tips on how to make your girlfriend special

Pamper her

When you love, care and duly pamper her, she shall feel the connection and faith on you being a true to heart person for her. She may not love you seeing your gesture, posture or whether you are handsome or rich. When she loves you, it means she likes your heart, you as a person whom she can rely wholly and always.

So, when you pamper her with your positivity and true feelings, she will understand that for sure. Just win her with a morning breakfast and bed tea or a weekend lunch. Tell her you are cleaning the house or washing the crockery or clothes, she can just take rest. These small gestures make a great deal.

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Compliment her

You must compliment her on her success, her dressing sense, her beauty, her inner being, she as a person. This shall make her more happy, she shall be closer to you by heart and mind. She will have more faith on you. Automatically she will start asking you like “How am I looking?” We all love compliments and praises. So, it’s quite natural and humanly. Compliment her on her career drives and give good advises even if it ends to a long distance relationship.

Only thing is don’t fake it. Once you are in love, you have to be true to her. Giving any false impressions shall break her heart if she comes to know about it. So, please be sure when you compliment her. My point was to say, don’t keep it inside, be expressive whenever you meet her.

Listen to her

Girls have a natural tendency to talk more, gossip or share stories from recent or far behind the lane. Those topics may be about another boy, her crush or how many proposes she got, what her parents want, her best friend, her siblings, her career or anything. You must listen to her with interest. She should feel comfortable and relaxed while sharing her thoughts with you, may be about any topic.

For this, you need must be a good listener, but with interest and interaction. Not just like sleeping with the phone on. Many do not have the habit of listening and that matters a lot later on in a relationship.

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surprise your girlfriend
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Surprise her

You need to give are surprises periodically, which should be totally different from the earlier one. Take notice that the surprises should be pleasant and not shocks or embarrassment. The surprise may include her favorite gift, or a romantic dinner where you propose her publicly, tickets of a private vacation to her favorite place, plan a shopping with her when she is not expecting that, and many more.

Giving her pleasant surprises will make her feel special and she would be more attached to you. As you are the one who makes her happy and brings sudden smiles often.

Have a balanced physical contact

It is very important that your girl does not feel physically ignored and at the same time does not feel you are after physical attraction only. You must be very careful with your physical intimacy. When you meet and greet her, have a hug. Once you say bye for the day, hug again, you may kiss too, but she should permit. When you walk together, hold her hand but if she wants to.

Do not be too physical all the time and respect her wishes and decisions. She should have a physical space of her own and it should never reflect you control it.

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Some more tips on how to make your girlfriend special

Give her space

You should not be impulsive while she is with someone else or with her friends. Don’t keep calling her or her friend if she is not responding. Never doubt on her integrity on the relationship with you. You too never try to get into close proximity of other girls in her absence. You have to believe her, her love for you and respect that with a share of equal amount of space you are living in.

She will observe similar incidences of her friends and compare with your case. She will find herself lucky that you are not like other men.

Let her wear what she likes

When she wants to wear shorts or a sexy revealing dress in a party or out at shopping, don’t be too possessive with that. Only thing is let her carry it well. Support her presence publicly, compliment her how beautiful she is looking in that dress. You may always give advise with your views on what she looks most beautiful or which colour suits her, but never force or put conditions on her dressing.

This mistake is done by most of the guys when their possessiveness and controlling nature widens the gap between them physically, mentally and emotionally. So, take care of this.

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take care of her health
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Take care of her health

Take good care of her when she is ill or having the menstrual cycle. Buy pads for her and deliver yourself. Tell her not to cry when it pains. Give her a soft hand massage when she has tired legs. If she is ill or having a fever, just be with her and see that she has whatever she needs. Help her. In short, make her feel special no just for the sake of doing it, but from your heart if you really love her.

Women are mentally stronger than men but physically naturally they are weaker. So, it is our duty to take all the care when they are not feeling well.

Introduce her to your friends and family

This is one of the most essential activity of a relationship. This is usually done when both the partners are sure of each other to share the life. But if you are in a relationship with a girl and once both of you discover its true, you must introduce her to your close and important members of the family. This will make her feel that she is really special for you and you are not faking it with her.

For this, you have to be strong, brave and you must request her that you want to meet her family members and friends too. This is very essential and very fruitful for a serious and successful relationship.


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