How to keep your wife happy?

how to make your wife happy
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How to make your wife happy? If surveyed, this may be the most common and often raised question in every husband’s mind. Irrespective of any country, caste, creed or religion, this feeling and thoughts are common and united for all men who are husbands. Yes, men as boyfriends are not an exception but we shall talk about that in a separate post.

Now, talking about wife, what is the first thing that comes into mind of husbands around the world. We all may guess but can not talk about that as we all know it’s all the same. Any guesses? Yes, its peace of mind. Love and care come next. 

Whether a love marriage or an arranged one, the factors are mostly common and we all husbands want the same thing. So, we are always ready to listen and do not argue or express. We make it for all and do whatever required for making our wives- our better halves happier. So, if any one asks you, how to keep your wife happy, you must be able to answer right way. No thoughts please. Still, in this post I would like to share some of the common thoughts and actions which can help you keep your wife happy. This is a quick learning session for upcomin husbands and newly married ones.

20 answers on how to make your wife happy

A. Theoritical: Dreamt or assumed expectations

This part is mostly discussed as a dream come true types for couples, but very hard to retain for a long time. Some of such actions which wives expect from their husbands. Or may be the to-be-husbands give the confidence about. Some of such expectations or promises include:

1. Bring her flowers often while returning home.

2. Plan periodic surprises to make her special.

3. Let her be herself and do not force on your types on her.

4. Respect her thoughts and emotions.

5. Let her work freely.

6. Plan holiday outings frequently.

7. Candle light dinners in the weekends.

8. Mid-night birthday celebrations.

9. Do not forget wedding anniversary or her birthday dates.

10. Be a loving and caring husband- true example of a soulmate, etc.

theoritical ways to make your wife happy
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B. Practical: Try to avoid these actions at any cost

This part is mostly experienced life style post wedding- may be after one year from tying the knot. This is guessed to be the most commonly agreed feelings, all wives around the world would accept in one voice. Some of the following experiences shall make it evident which can not be an answer to “how to make your wife happy”:

1. Husbands forget anniversary or birthday dates.

2. No surprises or gifts at all till poked.

3. Return late from work often. No good family time.

4. Undisclosed parties with friends.

5. Watch cricket matches at friend’s place.

6. Fight for TV remote.

7. Do not help in kitchen.

8. Do not give enough time to children.

9. Forget to bring the important grossery item even when reminded.

10. No plan for outing or holidays, etc.

C. Mutual: Advisable answer to How to make your wife happy

No fight for TV remote with your wife
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The mutual theme is the best one as it is more or less love with management of relationship. This involves more understanding and mutual space and respect than expectations or fights. A good husband must be a good manager when it comes to claim as a successful husband rather than a happy one. The pursuit of right actions for the relationship can only be acceptable to both the partners when the benefits are mutual. Some of such actions include:

1. Share the house-hold works with your wife.

2. Let her do the light works and you do the hard ones.

3. Ask her while going out, if she needs something.

4. Call her from office, how was her day and if she needs some special snacks for the evening.

5. Plan weekends/ shopping/ movies, etc mutually.

6. Do not fight for the TV remote.

7. Take equal care of your child like her.

8. Give her rest some times and cook for her.

9. Plan your future after taking her views.

10. Do not let friends or relatives or even in-laws create mis-understanding between you two, etc.

11. Be gentle in bed.

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Tips from the post

Hope the above tips shall help you. There are so many factors that are together responsible for making your efforts successful when you are on a mission on “How to make your wife happy?” If you are a real man, prove it to your wife with the best actions you choose from above. Try to be more theoretical and mutual and minimum or negligibly practical.

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  1. Useful Post for many but my experience is, a good husband should be a good actor. You have to act according to her expectations 😜😜…

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