How to keep warm in Winter?

how to keep warm in winter
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How to keep warm in winter? There may be many ways for it, but first we need to admit it that winter is the best season in the year followed by rainy season. It brings picnics, bonfires, vegetables, fruits, Christmas, New year, Makar Sankranti, lot’s of wedding parties, and sweat free days. We can play cricket in the sun, enjoy hot water bathing, the morning tea with foggy breathe, we can take sun bathe with oil. So many more things can be done only in winter and we just need to make the most of it.

Let’s talk about some of the ways to keep ourselves warm in winter season to enjoy the cold for atleast 3 months of the year, peak being between mid December to mid January. We all follow the basic needs to keep warm in winter. Only thing is to list it out for you so that you can cherish the memories of seasonal cold over the year till it’s back again next year. So, let’s find it one by one.

To start with, I would like to emphasize on early morning walk, free hand exercises, Pranayama for good health as well as warm up in winter. If you can make it a routine, you will be a winner. Let’s see other ways of keeping yourself warm in winter.

Woollen or leather clothing and shoes

Air is naturally a bad conductor of heat. Moreover, wools have more place for air to get entrapped between the fibres and conserve the body heat against the outside cold. This is not the case in cotton or other textile materials. Similarly, leather outfits due to their compact formation, cold air cannot pass through. So, use either of the two or both to keep yourself warm in winter.  Use shoes more than sandals to protect your feet from the cold.

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Bonfires in early morning and late evening

When we are into winter, we need to enjoy the cold and not just be a coward. What I mean is to face the cold with the help of fire warmth. For that we should come out of our homes in terrace or outside where we can have a bonfire and enjoy tea or coffee in the morning and drinks- tandoori parties in the evenings.

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Bed diaries

Instead of sleeping under separate blankets, sleep under the same one with your friend or family. This helps more body heat entrapped inside the blanket and keep you more warm. In addition sleep with cuddling. You will feel warm and have a tight sleep to have a beautiful winter morning.

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If you do not have blood pressure or other diseases, you may have colder feet and hands. Wear gloves and socks while sleeping. If the bed is cold, just cover it half an hour before sleep with the blanket which you use to cover yourself. You can warm the tickling cold bed.

Hot Water for drinking and bathing

For drinking you can have warm water. You will feel better with a little gurgle of the throat everyday. For bathing you can use hot water with a geyser, an emulsion rod or heat water in a stove or any other advanced system you have installed at your home. In winter, it’s better to use luke warm water instead of hotter water. The former is good for blood circulation.

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Use of room heaters

For ventilation of a room, we have windows and ventilators. In winter, we can keep the windows closed and ventilators partially closed so that minimum cold passes into the room. We can also use room heaters for keeping the room or our feet and hands warm during extreme cold.

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Indian food to keep body warm in winter Morning drinks and breakfast

You got some of the easy tricks and habits to enjoy winter with warmth and love with family. So, now you know how to keep warm in Winter. Now let’s see what area the foods which help us keep warm in winter. You need to feed on hot spicy food as well as healthy herbs and drinks. Let’s list some of the commonly followed and enjoyed food and drinks in winter in India:

Morning drinks: First have 1-2 glasses of warm water. Atleast after 45 mins, have light black or green tea with Ginger, turmeric, black pepper, Tulsi and herbs without salt/sugar with sugar-free biscuits.

Breakfast: Hot Egg toast with hot milk or tea or coffee, Hot milk with corn flakes, Hot upma or idli sambar/dosa, hot Poha, Hot pao bhaji, hot aaloo paratha with chili sauce and many more dishes.

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Lunch to Dinner- Indian food to keep body warm in winter

Lunch: You can have many options for Indian lunch. But some are worth mentioning like spicy chicken curry with hot rice, hot dry fish curry with rice, hot Hilasa bhapa with steamed rice, Spicy south Indian foods, Hot tawa rotis with hot curries veg or non-veg. Use of foods with more onion, ginger and garlic with garam masala and black pepper. This gives instant heat to our body. Or any lunch you have, ensure it’s hot from a microwave.

Evening snacks: In India, evening snacks are more followed than timely dinner. All forms of street food like Momos with spicy chutni, mirchi fry, Chaat, Samosa, Chowmin, Egg rolls, etc. which are more commonly favorite give instant heat to your body. You can have them with hot tea or coffee. The extensive use of spices in Indian food helps fight winter cold.

Dinner: Indians have late and heavy dinners mostly. So, options come out like that in lunch time. But it is suggested to have early and lesser dinner in quantity. You can have hot fish fries, steamed rice with butter or ghee, Bringal roast and mashed potatoes with steamed ghee rice, hot chocolates/ chocolate milk, etc.

These were some of the Indian food to keep body warm in winter.

Summarize the answer to - How to keep warm in winter?

In short the purpose of this post is only to make people aware to enjoy the cold winter and not run way from it. Just plan the day, enjoy the drinks and meals, have a warm bath, keep you room and bed warm, use warm clothing and enjoy good hot food with friends and family small get-together. Too much crowd is not appreciated now when we are fighting COVID-19.

be happy, enjoy the cold, plan picnics, bonfire dinner parties, etc. to gain memories till next winter knocks. Unfortunately we have to wait for one year again and we are not sure what climate conditions are expected. Some places have different cold levels in winters year to year. So, I suggest to enjoy the winter now than to wait till next year. Have fun. Thank you.

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