How to groom your child personality?

how to groom your child personality
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How to groom your child personality? This is the common question amongst millions of modern parents who want their child to be the best of all. This is a common nature of parenthood to prove their child as the best and they do whatever they can for it. But, usually parents forget the fact that all children are blessed with some or the other speciality which make them different from others. Without understanding that speciality parents just keep on pressurizing their children for the race of success and competition.

The purpose of this post is to bring out the parents from this notion and dreams. I want them support their children to achieve their dreams and not make them a puppet. We do what we want. So, we must allow our children to do what they want. Obviously, we must see they are on the right track or not. It is our responsibility to make sure our children are happy, serious on their lives and successful.

So, if anybody seeks advise from you “how to groom your child personality”, the answer must have positive, enthusiastic and proud approach so that the other person gets motivated at the same time. Nowadays parents just run after the competition than actually understanding the speciality of their children. Let us see few common and easy ways of developing your child with good habits and personality.

Ways to groom your child's personality

how to groom your child personality
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1. Early sleep and early rise: This habit is a must for every child irrespective of any season or requirement. For a healthy growing child, nurturing this habit shall be very useful for all future goals. Discipline and punctuality in life style have no alternative.

2. Healthy eating habits: Breakfast, lunch, supper and dinner must be well co-ordinated and balanced so that the child gets the required nutrition, vitamins and proteins for mental and physical development. These are very important for a good personality.

3. Routine exercise: Exercises like yoga, pranayama, free hand stretching, skipping, cycling, jogging, etc from an early age shall help the child grow a smart and fit personality in the long run.

4. Public speech/performance: These activities in school functions or any domestic functions shall help the child come out of nervousness and stage fear with time. When they shall grow they shall be more confident and great orators.

5. Developing extra-curricular activities: This is very much essential to let the activities find a special place in the daily routine of the child’s actions. You can try all such activities with the child and check his or her interest and performance. The best ones can be nurtured and continued. These activities include, singing, dancing, any sports, fine arts, sand or earth sculpture, etc.

Some more ways on how to groom your child personality

how to groom your child personality

6. Manners and habits: This part of a child’s grooming is very important. Sometimes parents feel that children must be too naughty and ignore most of the habits which may not be good for them in the long run. So, it’s very important to observe and control the manner and habits to the best balanced way. Good manners and habits not only helps the child grow towards the right direction but also earns fame and goodwill by neighbours and friends in the society.

7. Telephone and social etiquette: While receiving a call or calling someone or addressing a stranger or a senior or a child over telephone or in physical, how the child should speak out, is a must teach for every child. The soft, polite and respectful addressing shall earn love for your child. As well as teach the best social etiquette for the child. Self-control is a very important lesson to teach.

8. Story telling: This habit develops with reading short stories and loud reading out to clear the speech and pronunciation of the words. It also helps them better when we explain them the meaning of what they are reading. They will catch it soon and then they automatically gain interest on story telling. This makes them a good orator. 

More answers on how to groom your child personality

team work and personality
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9. Don’t be too harsh and avoid physical punishment: Children are gift of God. So, parents can not treat them like any other grown up man doing mistakes or wrong things. They are to be handled with care, love and affection. All the corrections on their actions are to be explained in a friendly manner.

10. Do not compare child with other child:  This is a big no from me. I have seen people doing the same thing and creating a big gap and competition where ultimately both the children started disliking each other. All children have different abilities and specialities. So, we must let go with that. Teach team work to your child. They will be more friendly and learn to share work efforts as well as praises.

Summary- on how to groom your child personality

In short, a child when handled with love, care and affection and at the same time with discipline and punctuality, you shall see the best result. Take care of them during their illness, at the same time teach them not to fear a bitter medicine or an injection.

This will make them stronger and brave. Don’t teach them ghost stories to make them sleep, but let them know about factual stories. With a mix of the above 10 points, I am sure you will be able to develop you child in the best way.

Hope the information is useful for you. Please like and share the post. Do comment with your views and ways on how to groom your child personality.

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