How can I improve my website?

how can I improve my website?
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How can I improve my website? Get your answers in easy steps and ideas to make your website look great as well as perform better in 2021. This post shall help beginners to enlighten their path to build a business through website better and make it faster and perform better. There are many factors you need to work into for achieving your goals faster and with less efforts and time.

When I started this site, I knew nothing about SEO or this online business worls. I was only a consumer like any common person. But during 2020 COVID lockdown period, I started surfing you tube videos and gained interest and within a year as a part timer, I finally turned up successful technically then many istes which are in the business since years.

When you work on something and then ask yourself “How can I improve my website?”, then you may not find all the answers in a single place. So, this post is a gist of all the steps you can do which can help improve your website’s performance.

10 easy Steps-How can I improve my website?

Check out the follopwing steps which all beginner bloggers must not ignore if you want to reach your goal in lesser time. Or if you are on the work for only passion or time pass, you can keep experimenting. While technically speaking, SEO experts or advisors either advise the tool which they are affiliated to or they really try those tools, compare them and then bring up the reviews and updates for you.

This post is also technical but in easy steps and from personal experience of a beginner. So, let’s see steps on how can I improve my website:

1. When you choose the hosting, be careful. Some hostings are cheap and don’t perform while some are costlier but very good. Some have very low first year charges while high renewal charges. I suggest SiteGround, GoDaddy, etc. Just study before taking any step.

2. Choose the domain name related to your niche. If the name and niche business are smilar or linked and easily understandable, it is very helpful for SEO in micro niche websites. So, be careful while chosing one as you can’t change the name once created. I used SiteGround and GoDaddy for my sites.

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Steps contd. How can I improve my website?

3. Use light and modern themeswhich are responsive and mobile friendly. There are many themes and page builders in the market. I use Elementor Pro page builder and Astra, Ocean themes for my sites.These open me unique power of arranging my website looks with right things at the right place as per my wish.

4. Use compressed images and videos of light weight. This helps in SEO. I experienced this. One of my pages rank in no.2 of Google SERP. the content is big and good. But it takes time to load and often my page drops down and a low content site overtakes mine. So, the faster your page loads, the better it performs. Therefore, it’s better to use low sized or compressed images and videos in your pages to help faster loading and good browsing experience to the visitors.

5. Update your published content regularlyYou might have noticed that many experts advise you to write fresh content and then check the content of the top rankers and analyze their pages through tools and get off-page seo ideas (backlinks) and update your page content and seo accordingly.

6. Make Sure your site or posts have Call to Action. Call to action means attractive buttons where the user get some interesting information or product from your website. Like you share some information on keywords and put a button like “for more information, click here” or ” subscribe buttons or sign up buttons, etc. This is a engagement strategy.

10 easy Steps contd. -How can I improve my website?

7. Add Contact Information Prominently. Providing the details of contact us page or about us page is very important and that should be attractive and engaging like a business branding and a person branding both at one place.

8. Improve Page Speed. By using right plugins may be free or paid, it’s better to use a speed enhancer plugin. Such plugins like WProcket or Cloudfare, etc. help your site to open up faster in mobile and desktop browsers and give a good experience to the users.

9. Use antispam plugins. These plugins keep away spammers from your site. These may be either in the form of spam bots or spam sites which keep posting their product links which are in no way linked to your webiste or post. Akismet is one of such plugins which most of the SEO experts recommend.

10. Provide social media page buttons as well as social share buttons. This activity is very useful for branding of your website. How common people should learn about your posts or products or your business as a whole? The best way is to use the ocean of social media. Create pages with respect to your website and post all your recent activities and informations there. Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, instagram, weheartit, getpocket, telegram, etc. are some areas to work on.

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Other than the above, you should work wisely on the follwoings:
1. Logo of your website
2. Colours you choose.
3. Button styles.
4. Animations.
5. HD quality images and videos.
6. Readable font size and style for your content.
7. User sign up option
8. Comment option.
9. Navigation
10. Feedback

grower's list

with total traffic of 35 milion pm

about 5000 keywords

per keyword traffic range 5k-10k pm

SEO difficulty below 20

master's list

with total traffic of 127 million pm

more than 7000 keywords

per keyword traffic range 10k-30k pm

SEO difficulty below 20

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