Holi 2021 date in India calendar! significance

Holi- the festival of colour and new beginning

Holi 2021 dates and significance
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Holi 2021 date in India calendar! Happy Holi to all in advance. In 2021, Holi is on March 29, with Holika Dahan on March 28. What is Holika Dahan? What is the history of Holi? As per Hindu mythology, Holika was a demon (asura). Lord Vishnu killed Holika to save a boy named Prahlad, a dedicated devotee of Lord Vishnu. Prahlad was the son of demon Hiranyakasyap and Prahlad was Holika’s nephew.

What is Holi and how is it celebrated? Holika had powers to restrain fire to consume her. So, she sat on the fire with Prahlad on her lap. Prahlad kept chanting Lord Vishnu’s prayers. Ultimately, nothing happened to Prahlad while Holika was killed in the fire. So, every year Holi festival is celebrated by Indians after a bonfire which resembles end of bad and start of good. The holi festival is observed on the last full moon day of Hindu lunisolar calendar month. It is a national holiday in India.

Which is a nickname for Holi? The answer is Rang Panchami. In  Maharashtra, Holi is colloquially known as Rang Panchami or Shimga.

Why is Holi called the Festival of Colours? Apart from the facts of Hindu mythology, another mythology fact is that during Dvapara Yug, Lord Krishna in His kid days drank poison milk from the breast of a demon. This changed His colour to dark blue. Lord Krishna was very conscious about this if Radha and other Gopis would like Him after that. Lord Krishna’s mother in that Yug advised Him to paint His face instead. This is said to be the base of the colour play.

What is the significance of different colours in Holi?

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It is said that different colours signify different meanings in the festival of colour- HOLI in India. Let’s again be together and celebrate this festival Holi 2021. Check out the following significance of the colours in Holi.

  • White – Peace and prosperity
  • Red – Love, relationship and fertility
  • Blue – Colour of Lord Krishna’s face, sky, seas and oceans
  • Yellow – Knowledge and learning
  • Green – Nature colour means new beginnings like Spring season.
  • Pink – Care, love and compassion
  • Purple – Magic and mystery
  • Orange – Bravery and pride
The colour play starts with colour play with God at homes and temples by the devotees. They submit “Aabir”- a pinkish colour powder as a prayer to God on Holi to symbolize all the goodness one can imagine.

Holi 2021 date in India calendar and significance

Holi celebration of colours - men
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Happy Holi 2021 date calendar wishes and quotes

"Let me colour your Choli...It's happy holi"
"Forget the past, let's start new. It's Holi- the festival of colours and love. Happy Holi"
"Wish you all a happy and safe Holi. Have delicious drinks and food. Enjoy with friends and family. May this Holi makes your life colourful."
"This Holi, planning with old friends and magic moments of childhood in a video call. Love to gossip. Wish all a very Happy Holi."
"May this Holi bring happiness, love and prosperity in your life. Wish you all a avery happy and safe Holi."
"This Holi, fighting COVID should be easier than to mass gathering for colour play. Let's Pray for all good. Happy Holi."
"Design and draw a beautiful Rangoli, a selfie with your family, and wish all a very happy Holi"
"Spread love instead of colours this Holi. Be careful and fight COVID together. Happy Holi."
"The magical vibe of Holi brings in bunch of happiness and prosperity. I wish, this Holi does it for all. Happy Holi."
"Let's help the poor this Holi, instead of playing colours and drinks. A gentle Wish shall earn you love and respect. Happy Holi."

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happy holi quotes 2021
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happy holi quotes 2021 save water
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Do's and Don'ts for Holi 2021 and future

Holi 2021 date in India calendar and significance

Respect women and don't be opportunists

In Holi, we hear many cases of women sexual harassment in the name of playing colours. This is very bad and no where in line with the tradition and culture, we Indian hail. The image below just depicts how the actual harassment takes place if we remove the colour play. It’s really horrible and must never be done.

All boys must know this, a single complaint can ruin your careers and lives. So, respect women when you have your mother, sister, wife, friend. Play a respectful Holi.

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Don't drink alcohol

In the name of Holi and party mood, don’t get drunk and misbehave with others. Do not practice your bad habits on any celebration day.

no alcohol this Holi 2021
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no smoking-no drugging this Holi 2021
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Don't smoke or drug yourself

Do not show off with smoking or any for of drug. When we celebrate a festival, we do it with love, passion and joy with family, neighbours and friends. So, do not spoil the theme.

Plan Kid activities on Holi 2021

Let kids do something innovative art work, painting, etc. activity this year. This shall make them avoid colour play like other years for their safety this year.

Holi art by kids
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Holi 2021 kids colour celebration
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Cook foods

You can cook good recipes for your family and friends. Enjoying a festival is incomplete with traditional food attached with it. Holi has number of dishes and drinks embedded to it like Kulfi, Bhaang Thandai, Malpua, Jalebi, etc. Visit for more recipes.

Patients to be careful while playing colours

Patients who have chronic diseases of heart, asthma, synus, etc. must avoid colour play. It is not good for health. For asthma patients, things are more serious as they keep inhaling the colour powder which is very bad for their weak lungs and may cause severe health problems. The colours may affect eyes also. So, be careful.

save eyen and lungs this Holi 2021
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kid throwing water balloon on strangers image Holi 2021
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Holi 2021 date in India calendar and significance

Do not throw water packets on strangers from buildings

This is seen as a common practice in India, even in big cities where people from high rise buildings throw colour water balloons over people walking on the streets. They know the persons or not does not matter. This is very serious problem and usually cause fights and police complaints. So, avoid doing this in Holi.

Save water- avoid water colour play

Read this article on Save Water Save Life. If you read this post, you will come to know about the dangerous situation of sweet water in India and around the world. Playing with lots of  colour and water only for fun is not advisable. So, save water, please.

happy Holi 2021 save water- play dry Holi
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save water Holi image 2021
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Holi 2021 Rangoli Ideas

Holi 2021 date in India calendar and significance

Try these chosen beautiful Rangoli images and ideas this Holi 2021. A little practice and interest does it all. Charm you family and surprise your neighbours with a wonderful Rangoli. Happy Holi.

Holi Rangoli ideas -2021
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Holi Rangoli ideas and images -2021
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Holi Rangoli ideas 2021
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Advise for Holi 2021

Through this post I would like to convey my greetings for a safe and colourful Happy Holi 2021 to all in advance. Only concern is be aware of  COVID and don not be too open to risk yourself our your loved ones again. So, just wait and be patient, most importantly- control yourself.

The more we sacrifice, the better would be the results for our future. So, I think, we should take some more time before we spread it too open and wide.

If you feel the post was useful, please like and share the post. Do comment your views on Holi 2021 date in India calendar! significance. Subscribe for latest updates and posts. Thank you for reading and all the best.

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