Health benefits of laughter health benefits of laughter
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Health benefits of laughter! If I say whether there is any health benefit or not, we should love at least one hour a day. This is just to stay happy amidst the tough work life and family life balancing. In the run for money, future of kids and well being of family and other responsibilities, we forget to give time to ourselves.

Nowadays, young people have stopped socializing even. The internet world and smart phones are ruling the minds and senses. Whenever we get time, we start browsing social media or any other channel. We feel better chatting in messages than in person or video calls. In our earlier generation, things were different. I used to see my father meet his friends or colleagues almost every evening for atleast an hour or two.

They discussed all topics and returned home smiling. This was a routine habit and the socializing made them feel more familiar and together. Today we are not doing it, rather we are joining laughing clubs today. How come natural laughter has left our lives or we have ignored this part of the life. Laughter is called the best medicine due to it’s innumerable health benefits. In this post, I would like to share the health benefits of laughter, inspirational quotes as well as ways to stick to it in our routine lives. Check out the slides below.

10 health benefits of laughter

1. Laughter helps control of blood pressure.

2. Loud laughter moves the abdominal muscles helping to tone your abs.

3. Laughter reduces stress hormone levels helping us to relax and be anxiety free.

4. Laughter brings good heart health. It burns calories and heavy laughter increases the blood flow clearing the arteries.

5. Laughter also helps release of endorphins- a hormone released by the brain to relief stress, pain and anxiety.

6. Laughter increases oxygen intake and improves lung health.

7. By laughing you activate T cells in your body which function to reduce sickness feeling.

8. Laughter makes you happy, boosts your mood and make you feel relaxed naturally.

9. Frequent laughter with funny people, improves your sense of humour.

10. Laughter is called the best medicine due to it’s innumerable health benefits.

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10 inspirational laughter quotes

"Laugh a little live little more"
"Bring smile to people's faces is the greatest job in the world"
"When you laugh, each time you help your body, mind and soul"
"Spreading smile and laughter is spreading love and humanity"
"Include laughter in your routine, talk funny and also make other's laugh"
"Inspire from the Kapil Sharma Show and spread laughter"
"Laughter knows no boundaries, so surf funny videos from the internet and laugh"
"A happy family also laughs together"
"Make other's laugh and be a part of spreading the healthiness"
"Bring smile to someone's face and earn God's Blessings"

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10 ways to bring laughter and humour in your life

In this post we saw the benefits of laughter as well as inspirational laughter quotes. Let us also see how we can bring humour and laughter in our routine lives:

1. Watch funny and laughter TV shows like The Kapil Sharma Show.

2. Attend live Stand-up comedy shows.

3. Discuss funny ads and jokes with colleagues while going or coming from office. This makes the journey relaxed.

4. Share funny jokes in whatsapp or other media and spread laughter.

5. Watch youtube laughter videos of top comedians.

6. Recollect funny moments of your past and share with people around you.

7. Search for the newspaper cartoons by R.K. Laxman over the internet and enjoy.

8. Make habit of joke telling. This makes you attractive and people around you would love to spend more time with you.

9. Bring humour to your conversation.

10. Read comics or e-comic books, watch cartoon channels and videos and laugh.

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