Hard work never fails

Hard Work never fails
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Hard work never fails! Yes it’s true for all. In the true sense, only hard physical labour may not be hard work always. For me, any work which involves passion, need, competition, physical labour/ mental labour, etc is a hard work. And when one craves for the goal, he or she puts out all efforts humanly possible to achieve that goal. We heard many times that hard work and determination is the key to success.

But that’s a saying. Implementation of these in a punctual and disciplined manner in our daily life style shall yield best results. Either in sports or studies or persuasion of any career field, hard work never fails. We all must have heard that there is no short cut to success.

Hard work versus Smart Work

What is the difference between hard work and smart work? The line may be very narrow to some and very wide and different to others. If anyone keeps on doing all the hard work as a student but not in a scientific way, he or she may have to put more energy and time for achieving similar results.

While some one in a office, does all the hard work for an assignment or project while some other person takes the credit is definitely also an example of smart working. Basically, you need to do our job in a focussed manner with smartness that once target is achieved, you get the due recognition and appreciation.

Still some people believe smart working is more effective than hard working. It can be treated as true when you use your wisdom, right approach, smartness in a planned manner to achieve the goal with lesser effort and time. But, it’s also true that hard work pays off and hard work never fails.

hard work versus smart work
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Hard work is the key to success

If success is a lock, then hard work is the key to success. To unlock your achievement, you need to put on that amount of effort, you are capable of. There are two acceptance criteria in the system. One is what others or the world thinks and decides about you and your efforts for the achievement. The other one is, how you feel about yourself, your efforts, your hard work to your satisfaction level.

Once you are satisfied with your efforts, you need not worry about what others think about you. It’s your life, your choice. So, whatever struggles you are doing to achieve your goal, belongs to you. If you feel satisfied, you will automatically get a new boost from your insides for betterment and harder goals. Just have the belief that hard work never fails.

hard work is the key to success
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Hard work beats talent

Is it true that if you are talented, you need not do hard work? Talent means some speciality which you are born with in some field of art, science or anything. But to nurture the talent to the level of competition in today’s world, hard work is a must. Each person is born with some talent or the other. Most commonly, maximum do not discover their talent at the right time. Or even when they come to know about it or find their interests growing towards a particular thing, they find it’s too late.

They cannot sacrifice their living and family future against living their passion. So, most people do not use their talent they are gifted with. The rest of the population who are also talented but are living their persuasion towards a particular art, face huge competition amongst themselves to survive the tough fight for the best talents. This is through only hard work and strong determination with a right focus towards the goals. That is why only a few become famous and most of them are locally known or even unknown to the world. So, for me hard work beats talent.

hard work beats talent

Hard work versus luck

On your success, usually people congratulate you with lucky guy. Or just before a test or exam, people wish you Best of luck. Or even if you fail to achieve your goal or target, there are people who also say hard luck, better luck next time. So, what is luck? If you google it, you will find some answers as:

“1.  a force that brings good fortune or adversity Luck was a big factor in the outcome.

  1. the events or circumstances that operate for or against an individual
  2. favoring chance also : success had great luckgrowing orchids.”

So, it is evident that the events, circumstances and many other factors when turn it out towards your favour and everything goes very well with you, even more than you planned, that’s definitely a lucky day for you. Sometimes, with all the good, you struggle to get to it. Like you are off for a talent show auditions and you missed your train or bus. You struggled to reach there but late. So, you had to stand in long ques for the auditions and ultimately, you got tired or ill, could not have water or food and you could not perform well. This is a bad luck although you did the hard work and may be you are talented too.

A talented hardworking person with good luck is the best combination for a perfect success.

hard work versus luck
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Hard work speech! Hard work essay

Hard work to success is the most accepted route around the world. You can check at any phase of your life, when you put that extra effort for something, you get the result you desire as well as that you deserve. You must have a belief that hard work never fails, have smart- scientific approach in your preparation, be disciplined and punctual, follow a dedicated routine, believe that hard work beats talent and only hard work is the key to success. Most importantly, believe in yourself.

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  1. Dharmendra kumar

    In this blog every line is true but I mostly like the headline “hard work beats talent” . Most of the people didn’t find their talent . I agree with you.
    Thanking you for this blog and knowledge .

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