Hamsa Nandini hot pics collection

Hamsa Nandini hot pics
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Hamsa Nandini hot pics collection 2021- Hamsa Nandini is is an Indian model, dancer, actress known for her works in Telugu cinema and a travel and food blogger. She has modeled for MaaStars magazine, Celebrity Cricket League, and Hyderabad International Fashion week 2011 and 2013. She was born in 1984 in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Hamsa Nandini’s birth name is Poonam Bartake. Director Vamsy changed her name to Hamsa Nandini as there were many artists named Poonam alreadyShe mainly appeared in many item number hot songs in Telugu films. From an early age of 18 (2002), Hamsa was into modelling with big name sin the business.

She started appearing in movies from 2004 with Okatavudaam, 786 (Khaidi Premakatha) (2005), Mohini 9886788888 and Corporate (2006), Anumanaspadam (2007), Gita (2008), Adhineta and Pravarakhyudu (2009), Aha Naa Pellanta (2011), Naa Ishtam , Eega and Naan Ee (2012), Mirchi (2013), Legend (2014), Rudramadevi and Bengal Tiger (2015), Pantham (2018) and many more including Hindi, Tamil and Kannada films. While researching in google, I found some of the best available pictures of Hamsa Nandini from the internet and made a Hamsa Nandini hot pics collection 2021 for you. Just check it out.

Actress, model, food and travel blogger Hamsa Nandini hot pics collection 2021

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So, friends, did you like the collection? Please let me know. Hamsa Nandini has Lakhs of followers and fans in social media and masses. Her travel and food blog is also a hit and people just love it. Wish to see her more in the big screen. May God Bless her with good health and success in her future ventures.

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