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  1. No spam links or spam sites are acceptable in the content.
  2. The author (if not a beginner) should share their blog for our review.
  3. The author must be able to write sentences in English or Hindi. Grammatical mistakes to be avoided.
  4. The content should be fresh and useful for our readers. 
  5. Once posted and approved by our site, the post can not be spammed for backlinks without our approval.
  6. There should not be any form of plagariasm in the posted content.
  7. The content should have proper mix of media and written content for minimum 500 words.
  8. All the image or media used must have credit for proper source reference and with alt text and captions.
  9. The posted content must not have any form of illegal, criminal links, religion biased polarized content or images and videos which directly or indirectly call for action under law or penalty.
  10. Our post categories mainly include SEO, Quotes and Lifestyle, Fashion, Photography, Nature, Digital Marketing, Health and personal care, Hindi Blogs, Festivals, Sports, Magazine Ideas, Business Ideas, etc. So, posts should be related to similar categories only.
  11. The content should not have any form of biased affiliate links.
  12. The posted content shall be verified for all the above guidelines and Google’s poilcy before approval.
  13. The post may be rejected or approved without giving any specific reason for the decision.
  14. Any time the post may be deleted from our site without any prior intimation to you.
  15. Any ambiguity rising out of the conjunctive work, our site owns full rights for final decision which shall be binding to you.
  16. First Guest post is free. From second Guest post we charge from 50 USD onwards depending upon content, subject and background.
  17. Our policy is work and grow together and earn mutual benefits of experience, community and knowledge sharing.
  18. Over and above all the policies, please keep updated on specific country guidelines for particular posts.
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