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Good thinking quotes and positive thoughts! Good thoughts and positive thinking quotes when brought into a routine life style, our outlook and behaviour changes towards positivity. It’s very natural and evident that we all live the way we want to. So, when we follow good, we do good and vice versa.

In this post, I would like to share some fresh quotes on good thinking as well as positive thinking quotes with you all. We shall also see my chosen best good thinking quotes images from the internet. So, read the post till the end and be positive.

Good thinking quotes and positive thinking quotes

1. “When I know I can do it, I am positive and don’t need support.”

2. “Life is too short to fight and spread hatred, so live to love and be truthful.”

3. “Your are judged by the friends you have. But what actually matters is how positive you are towards life.”

4. “Read good to think good to do good. Just try once and experience the positivity.”

5. “Positive thoughts in mind come only when we read and watch positive things.”

6. “Fighting COVID is an example of positivity but not following the norms is foolish.”

7. “Never think being true is lonely. When you are true and positive, only good things will happen to you.”

8. “Love is bright and positive while lust is dark and negative.”

9. “Tough times in life test us extreme but make us a better, stronger and positive person.” 

10. “Positive attitude in workplace spreads positivity all around the staff and yields good only.”

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More Good thinking quotes and positive thoughts

11. “To live each moment of life, we first need to Thank God for the Human Birth. Rest all good and positive will automatically happen.”

12. “Right decisions are taken by positive minded people only.”

13. “Ideas are valued when they are good and positive. So, think good and spread positivity.”

14. “Any failure should not make us sad and negative, rather lets us identify our mistakes and rectify them for good.”

15. “My love for you is as positive as my blood group. Will you marry me?”

16. “Taking an organization to the highest level, requires team effort from all the employees. We just need right guidance and equal balance of job distribution and responsibility matrix. This results best through positivity.”

17. ” If we believe in God and prayers, our minds and hearts shall be filled with positive energy and strength to fight the bad.”

18. “Nowadays, reading or watching news needs strength to fight the fear of COVID. So read and spread positive thinking quotes.”

19. “Wish all start spreading love and happiness, the whole world becomes a better place.”

20. “Emotions are stronger than physical strength. So, be positive and think good always.”

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More positive thinking quotes and Good thinking quotes and images

21. “Be true to yourself before being true to others.”

22. “When you think positive, you nurture positivity inside you as well as amongst people around you.”

23. “Reading the biography of a great man injects good and positive thoughts in your mind.”

24. “Watching inspirational movies and series shall always help you in life.”

25. “When you fight the odd and move forward, never look back on your old weaknesses.”

26. “Being positive means converting our weakness to our strength.”

27. “To fight COVID, you need to first fight against your own bad habits.”

28. “Being positive while being COVID positive, you need to be strong and support your loved ones.”

29. “A true professional is always positive about his or her work. That is the only way to sustain and succeed.”

30. “Jealous people are always around you, but that does not matter when you identify them as well as your own self and inner strength.”

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Some more positive thinking quotes and good thoughts

31. “Motivation and inspiration are the basis of positive and good thinking.”

32. “Read good, think good, live good and give good. This would make the whole world positive.”

33. “Success and failure move hand in hand, while the real magic is your inner positive thoughts.”

34. “A positive mind set is always the basis of success and mature decisions in life.”

35. “Small success steps makes you positive and confident to reach your goal in life.”

36. “That team wins the title which is most positive and friendly.”

37. “To gain something, sometimes we need to lose something. This give and take is life. So be positive.”

38. “Any platform for proving yourself to the world is meaningless unless you believe in yourself and think positive.”

39. “Pass a smile to get one. Happiness is scarce in the world and making someone smile is a Blessing.”

40. “You wake up positive, have a great day and close the day with a positive thought, you would never find yourself sad and alone.”

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