don't drink and drive friends- drive easy not crazy

don't drink and drive

Friends, don’t drink and drive. Fines or punishment on drink and drive cases are strict in India or the world. But, it can not be taken in that way that one breaks the rules and says “I will pay the fine, what’s the matter?”

It is about chances of losing a life and it can be so bad death. No one even dreams of dying on road due to drunk driving. We normally call it a road accident, but ask your conscience, is it really an accident? or I would call it a serious mistake which one has taken the risk for.

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When I bought my first and only car at a very young age, I used to often find it a kick to drink and drive while returning home at late nights. My friends accompanying me, used to tell that I drove best when drunk. While I was a bit nervous while normal driving. To some extent, I also felt the same way. Co-incidentally, it never happened that I was stopped and tested for alcohol by the traffic patrol team.

But one incident changed my life and crazy thinking. One similar night after watching  a movie, while returning alone, I was stopped by the traffic police at some junction. The policeman asked me if I was drunk. I even replied “Koi peeke batayga kya ki haan maine piya hai” (means, will somebody say “yes I am drunk” once he or she is asked about by police?) The police just let me go by seeing my confidence and may be he did not detect any smell. How could he? I was not drunk that night and was angry for that.

After driving for a while, I found traffic congestion in the last flyover near my apartment. I had a doubt by seeing lots of lorries in que and moving pretty slowly. Police team were there who were guiding the trucks to drive slowly an with a little diversion. I could see a small accident. Suddenly when my car light fell on a bike and a body there whose head was crushed by a truck. Also, another body was lying in two pieces nearby. I was so nervous that I was not able to drive and could not forget the deadly images. Somehow I reached my place but could not sleep that night.

The next day, it was the same night for me and my time was not moving, as if I was locked mentally on that night’s accident. I could not drive through that road for next 3 months to avoid seeing that road side. When it came in the news paper about the incident, the reason was a drunk truck driver who was caught late night. The reason I shared this experience is that drink and drive is not only risking the driver’s life. But also anyone who is in and around the road who may turn a victim.

drink and drive fine in India

Driving a vehicle may be a fun, a work, a travel but driving without drinking is a responsibility which we all must have and teach our friends equally. We never know, who is next and never want any one to die in a road accident under the influence of alcohol.

wear helmet and seat belt
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As per a report of PIB from 2015 to 2017 in India itself, more than 3% road accidents was due to drinking alcohol. In numbers, the cases range from 14000 to 16000+ which is definitely huge. We should never forget that we have to return to our home where someone is waiting for us. Dying in road accident under influence of alcohol or not wearing a helmet or a seat belt, etc. means we never cared of our family.

Legal Part? As per Motor Vehicle Act 2019 in India, it is illegal to drink and drive. Driving under the influence of alcohol is criminal.

Fine range and punishment? For the first time, one may have imprisonment for 6 months and or a fine up to Rs.10,000/-.  When repeated for the second time, one can face imprisonment of 2 years and/or a fine of Rs.15,000/-. The penalty for drink and drive is the same for all the vehicles be it a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, or a commercial vehicle. 

Want to avoid drink and drive fine/penalty and a road accident? follow the following tips

  • One should not drink before driving or drink during driving.
  • One must follow all traffic rules.
  • Proper documents of the vehicle and driver must be available.
  • No over-speeding. 
  • One should use cabs or must have a driver to avoid driving after drinking
  • Other tips also include:

 Wear seat belt for cars/buses/trucks etc, wear helmet for 2 wheelers, never have a fight or quarrel with co-passenger while driving, do not use mobiles phone for text or calls.

Disclaimer: The above information is collected from different websites and govt. sources. The data and laws change time to time. So, for actual or latest updates or amendment online, please visit govt. Read to know all aspects of the information before taking any decision.

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