Domain Authority! 10 steps to increase DA score

Before knowing what is Domain authority, one should know what is domain. Domain definition. A domain contains a group of computers that one can access and administer with a common set of rules. For example, a company may require all local computers to to be in a network under the same domain. Now, why it is required? For getting the control and access within the working team of the company. By doing so, one computer can be accessed from other computers under the same domain or a central server.

Domain names usually identify IP addresses. For example, the domain name may represent many IP addresses. Why Domain names are used in URLs? This is done for identifying a Web page or pages. For example, in the URL, the domain name is

How to buy a domain? for website

Anyone can buy a domain name. To do so, one has to visit a domain name registrar, such as SiteGround or BigRock etc. Then just need to choose a domain name and plan, pay a fee. One can’t buy just any domain. Only one can register a name that another person or company has not taken and that bears a valid domain suffix.

domain purchaser in reality is a registrant. Actually, one is renting the license from the Australian registry to use the website name for a set period, with an option to renew the lease. In the case of getting a new website address, while one cannot buy domain names outright or permanently, what one can do is to register a name.

Need a High Domain Authority?

Need a high Domain Authority? Google uses a very complex algorithm to determine the search engine ranking of a website. Its getting tougher day by day. Also, very difficult for beginners without basic idea of the total SEO (Search Engine Optimization) subject. Domain authority is one of the very important factors for ranking a website nowadays.

Domain authority is one of the metrics to know the status of a website. It was developed by Moz. A higher domain authority means more likely chances to rank higher in a search engine. This means more web traffic, that is, more conversions and more monetization. A Domain authority for a site indirectly is a measure of the on page and off page SEO for the website. So, knowing the DA score of a site, one can find out the reasons behind the score and is also a good way to measure the SEO health of the website. Also, it compares the strength of the website to its competitor’s.

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Domain Authority Score updation frequency by Moz

Usually Moz update their DA metrics in real-time. Accordingly, the link analysis data is updated by the Moz Mozscape Index is updated every 3 to 4 weeks. One has to keep updating and developing all the requisites which help for increasing the DA score and finally check the index. Once seen, one can see how far one has to improve or has already improved for the website.

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The following are the 10 steps that one should follow to increase the domain authority for a website:

  1. Choose A Good Domain Name
  2. Optimize Your On-Page Content
  3. Create Linkable Content
  4. Improve Internal Linking Structure
  5. Remove Bad And Toxic Links
  6. Make Sure That the Website Is Mobile-Friendly
  7. Become An Authority Within chosen Niche
  8. Increase The Loading Speed Of Webpages
  9. Promote Content Via Social Media
  10. Review the above process and keep doing it again and again

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One doing good work on a website, definitely will get good results, no matter a site site gives you a good score or not. If one can connect to the people through interesting content to connect to the audience, automatically the domain authority shall increase. Buy a domain, connect to SEOPRESSOR and see your Domain Authority score grow. All the best friends.

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