Digital Marketing| 10 tools which can earn you 1000s of dollars?

digital marketing in google

Digital marketing is the most important component of modern day marketing strategies for e-commerce business model B2B or B2C. B2B (business-to-business) marketing focuses on logical process-driven purchasing decisions or B2C (business-to-consumer). By implementing digital marketing strategy correctly, one shall be able to successfully grow the brand’s online presence. This shall ultimately yield in increasing conversion rates and sales for your business.

digital marketing in google

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy, when applied right, allows a company to be more visible to a much wider audience. Well, if one’s ads aren’t that good & poorly conceived, there is no guarantee to get the outcome initially thought off. Just have look on the 10 tips on digital marketing strategy which can earn you 1000s of dollars. These can help a company get the desired results they might be looking for from effective digital marketing . And also see if implementing any or all of these in your business model be fruitful:

10 tips for effective digital marketing strategy!

Conceiving and creating the best audio-visual/ visual advertisement

For setting the base of digital marketing strategy, one has to identify the business strengths which gives an upper hand on its competitors. Anything that increase sales, adds to the advantage in one’s efforts while choosing from the right digital marketing services. Each and every element has a very important role to play. It may be a logo, the fonts or may be the color scheme or the template. Basically each aspect of the advertisement must be thoroughly & deeply planned. Only these could help make the brand stand different amidst the competitors in a big platform. The ad must not only be eye-catching but also must have that punch in it. This would make people remember the brand. Unique creative visual elements in ads is crucial for success of the brand and finally up to yield more sales.

Optimizing the ad budget utilization

 There are many digital marketing platforms to choose from that fits best on one’s brand; choosing the right one is challenging. Each digital marketing service has its own advantages or partial disadvantages. One has to analyze the best for the brand before pouring in time & money. This is because some platforms that work really good for one company or brand not necessarily yield results for another. Therefore, the brand specific platform within budget has to be chosen very carefully. Pre-determining and analyzing is essential what exactly and how much each platform is going to do for a specific brand. Plan and conceive the marketing efforts for making best and successful digital marketing campaigns. It is the economic consideration of the digital marketing strategy in the list.

Ad Research

 This is very surprising but true that for a particular brand, the targeted audience may not react the expected way. That means, if the previous ad worked for a brand, the new ad may not. This is mainly because our audience continually changes its interests and tastes. The brand may be one of the best. But if the ad is not connecting people, the product may not yield desired results. So, do a deep research and plan before initiating action on the advertisement. This is one of the most important factors of digital marketing strategy.

Study target Buyers and their Buying Process

 The positive effects of a digital marketing strategy! When a buyer visits a site or a page, what are the activities the buyer normally engages into? This is very important for analytical study and using the data as a base for planning new ads. Record each minute detail like which pages one visited or spend most time surfing the products for planning the next ad. This is the best way to understand the thoughts and likes/dislikes of the buyer. This information shall also be helpful to rectify any issue which the buyer was facing while browsing the site or page. Therefore, this is a essential part of digital marketing to make the process simple for buyers and beneficial for the brand.

Connect Social Media Metrics With ROI

For a successful digital marketing campaign, make all arrangements & efforts. This is to check and monitor the steps which actually worked and which not. We need to connect the data with the direct result it produced. It helps to constantly monitor, analyze and act accordingly in spaces which need immediate improvement. Marketing online means to reach a diverse group of people. This is one of the most important factor while measuring the results. You need to find, what is promoting engagement with the brand versus what is driving the conversions. This is required to evaluate and improve ROI (Return on Investment). This decides the fruit of your digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing learning
digital marketing strategy 10 tips

Use social media platforms like Facebook, twitter etc.

 Approx 80% of e-business or retail business of small to medium stature do not use social media platforms for advertisement. The social media platforms have many free tools like friends, groups, pages and obviously product users. Users play a vital role by sharing their experience on the ad products to more and more people. This ultimately takes the level of traffic to another level and yield good results. Facebook has a great digital marketing model in place that enables small businesses to advertise to very specific target economically. Even with a small investment, you can reach and get your clients on board. So, count on this factor of your digital marketing strategy.

Integrating multi-Marketing platfoms

 What is essential requisite for best result in digital marketing? One needs to be consistent in messaging and posting the ads in different marketing platforms. That is required for maximum traffic. This shall make sure that the product or brand ads integrate across various digital marketing platforms. And all the users are receiving the same posts irrespective of the platform. One just needs to constantly adhere to a dedicated routine of one’s digital marketing strategy. This depends upon the type of platform used and the audience targeted by the advertiser.

Implementing Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing is a location-based digital marketing service. It lets marketers send messages to smart phone users in a defined geographic area. For example, target the shoppers that arrive at a mall, how? Giving ads in the mall because of their geographic location. In digital marketing, this concept is relatively new. But holds a very promising position for marketers, especially in the B2C space. This concept is a new form of your digital marketing strategy. It allows one to target customers in a totally different way, that is, based on their geographical location. Actually to naturally guide them to the business location nearby at their real-time position.

It is increasingly becoming a very effective tool for marketers. How? By engaging consumers at the right time, right place, even guiding them to the location. These  campaigns typically generate two-three times the amount of usual foot traffic and produce 25-30% increase in sales on average. Geo-fencing allows marketers to pen a virtual line around their location for their market and also send a notification when a customer crosses that line. Whether a small business owner or a large retailer, it’s definitely a promising concept. One should look seriously into this part while planning their digital marketing strategy.

Optimization of Product Listing Ads

Optimization of product listing ads is a important factor of your digital marketing strategy. Product listing ads must have all elements that users usually want to see during they search a product or brand. Making the interested audience spend more time on research may instead lead to ending up in losing interest on that. So, the tools to be used as a solution to this is by answering their queries timely. Also, include all the beneficial information related to the product. And add planned and attractive visuals like pictures or GIFs etc. to get people engaged with interest. This is because visual adds are far more promising than text ones. This would help convert potential customers to buyers and increase the ROI. The good the presentation in PLA’s on Google, Bing, Facebook etc, the better the results.

Revisit the results and improve

Reaching our goal of maximum ROI is not the end of digital marketing. Its just a phase which may change at any point of time. So, it must be constantly monitored, feedbacks duly addressed and implemented properly. The less performing product ads can be re-though altogether and the performing ones to be supported. Digital marketing or advertising can be the main key to success for any company looking for the right way to reach the maximum audience.

The above points need to be implemented and integrated the right way into one’s digital marketing strategy for a maximum ROI. Only one thing to remember! One must be eager to viewing the constant usual fluctuations in digital advertising. This is irrespective of the platform or channel that one uses. All leading online sites follow these tact to stay on the competition. Its on the reader, a beginner may be to read and acquire the in depth knowledge on digital marketing strategy for his or her business. They may also try for a digital marketing course or hire a digital marketing agency.

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