Daughters are blessings quotes

daughters are blessings quotes
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daughters are blessings quotes
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Daughters are blessings quotes! There are many articles on the internet on this but very little searched for. I am Blessed to have a sweet daughter, so I thought to write a post on this topic. Just for my love towards my daughter Srishti. Me and my lovely wife Mithi have lots of sweet memories with her. Only mere thinking of her growing up and leaving us one day for her life, wets our eyes.

We cherish unlimited memories with our daughter from her birth to each growing phase of her life. Now my daughter is 6 years old and I am enjoying the 2nd phase. Let’s explain me the phases first. Check out the following phases:

1. Her birth

2. Her crawling days

3. Her first standing up and one word speeches

4. Her going to pre-school

5. Her start of standard education

6. Her college entry- teen age

7. Her graduation and start fo her career

8. Her growing career

9. Her wedding

10. Her parenthood

and the cycle continues. These phases are so magical in their own while the kid phase is the best. For her that phase is of no worries and for parents that phase is the best. But examples of taking care of parents, it’s daughters who have far better image than sons. They are caring, loving and attached at all phases of life. So, daughters are blessings to me.

In this post, we shall see some daughters are blessings quotes and images with explanation of our experiences in the above phases.

Daughters are blessings quotes - baby dolls

daughters are blessings cute baby dolls
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daughters are baby dolls
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10 fresh daughters are blessings quotes

"Daughters are Blessings of God, so love your daughter.'
"I love my daughter, She has changed my life."
"Daughters make us proud and a better person."
"My first wish after marriage was a daughter. Thank God for your blessings."
"My daughter, my wife and my Mom are the three most important women of my life."
"No quote can justify the relation of a father and a daughter. It's a Blessing and gift for a lifetime."
"Love you my sweet daughter. Many of our smiles begin with you."
"Happy birthday my cute little daughter. You have filled our life with joy and light. may God Bless you for years to come."
"I wish all the best in life for my little angel. May she shines bright as a star in the tough world."
"My daughter will set another example of women superiority. God Bless you my child."

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daughters are blessings quotes
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image credit: wallpaperaccess.com

Daughters are blessings quotes- ideas from phases of life with parents

Her birth

The first news of the doctor or the sister that you have become a father and you are Blessed with a sweet daughter is sure to be the Best news in the world. The tears of joy and Thanking God for the good health of your wife, all at the same time. When you first see your daughter, you are speechless. The little hands and legs will bring your parenthood out of the normal man nature. This is the best phase with start of a sense of responsibility.

daughter parents love

Her crawling days 7- 12 months

Her start of crawling is the next phase where you see her turn by herself and start moving on the bed or ground. This phase is risky as the chance of falling from bed increases. You need to be more careful. But the overall experience on her crawling around the floors room to room is a life time experience. just need to keep the floor clean.

daughter crawling days
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Her first standing up and one word speeches 12- 15 months

This comes suddenly any time. But if you miss the shot, you will regret. This is the first time when your daughter stands on her legs. And after few tries and falls, she puts her first walk on. These scenes make you feel great from inside. You just can’t be more happy to see that. Just need to capture it on camera. Just lovely. 

daughter first standing on the legs and walking
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It’s the similar phase where she starts her one or two word speeches like Papa, Mama ,etc. That period is very sweet where you almost try to understand her language as well as try to teach yours. And she finds out the third language out of that. That’s really funny and a good time pass and video period. These would save the memories for future. You can make out ideas from the phases for daughters are blessings quotes.

Her going to pre-school- 2-5 years

This day is the memorable day where your little daughter gets dressed up with school bag, tiffin and water bottle for her school. She will not like it to go there. That too she will find herself amidst unknown without her parents but after a few days, she will gain interest as she finds her new friends of similar age and habits.

The little fights and bruises, the plays and games, her stories from school. You have to be a good listener to know everything. Most important, who eats her tiffin.

daughter's first say of preschool kindergarten
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Her start of standard education -6-15 years old

The next phase is exciting for her but challenging for parents. Here she enters the real world of competitive education and full of tasks and home works. In this phase, she will become more serious and competitive where you need to guide her well and let her take part in cultural and other activities apart from regular studies. She has to be a all-rounder and gradually give her the knowledge of good and bad touch.

daughter's first day of schooling
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Her college entry- teen age - 16-21

This is the challenging phase for her as you as parents. The competition is high, the teen-age is very soft and shaky and career building stage. You need to be very careful of this phase of her life. if she takes it well on, no one can stop her from fulfilling her dreams. Just support her and explain the good and bad for her to be easy decisive whenever required.

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Her graduation and start of her career - 21 year onwards

The graduation of your daughter including higher studies is an affair to remember and to be proud off. This is the end of a student life and start of a successful career seeking period. The happiness for start of earning of her own and getting into new business of her choice or job of her line is awesome. She gives present out of the first earning to your parents and loved ones. And plans out for a dinner party. However, you as parents, now shall miss her kid phase and you will wonder how fast time flies as your daughter is now a responsible grown up girl.

daughter's graduation day
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Her growing career - 25-30 years

This phase is competitive, far away postings and tours. The main career building stage is this phase where she learns, works, innovates and competes to her goal. She will find herself successful and winning awards in this phase as she grows inside as a woman and outside as a successful lady. Her future depends on this phase. So, support her and don’t keep pressurizing for her marriage. Let her live her life along with her career.

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Her wedding - 25 years onwards

This phase is very important for her as well as parents. All parents wait for this day where daughter enters a new life, a new home, a family of her own. While it’s equally painful as it’s time to leave her home and stay with her husband. It’s important and challenging job for her too to accept new members and lifestyle in a new home without her loving parents. But atleast help her choose the right guy and develop her to be independent.

daughter's marriage

Her parenthood - it's their planning

Along with her career, she welcomes parenthood with happiness. This phase is very important and her husband and in-laws must support her to never leave her career for this. It should be planned with her and not forcefully. In this phase, the important role to play is by the husband who should understand her and not take her for granted.

She brings a new life to the family. So, all should thank her and take good care of her. It must be on her to decide the future of her career and parenting.

Daughter's parenthood days

Summary on daughters are blessings quotes

And from here the cycle starts from where we started. Then what we felt and experienced, our daughter shall share the similar experience with her family and children. The basic idea of the post is to discourage the mentality of expecting a boy only. Children are the gift of God and daughters are a winner when it comes to taking care of parents, to managing a family, to a successful career and a beautiful mind and heart.

Love girls, love women, stop crime against them and never ever get into domestic violence with women. We must remember, that all of us are atleast lucky to have atleast one women with us either in the form of mother, sister, grandmother, wife or daughter. So, respect women and love your daughter. Daughters are blessings quotes and the phases discussed are my views as a father. Thank you.

daughters are blessings
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daughters are blessings quotes
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daughters parents love

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