Cycling is Good for Weight Loss

Cycling is good for weight loss ! Yes, we have heard it from all fitness Gurus that cycling is a calorie burner. However, is it the exercise of only legs or lower part of the body or it caters a full body workout? Let’s find out today in details through this blog post that how cycling is good for weight loss and what are the benefits we can have from it.

Before going into the points, as we know that cycling is not the only mode of exercise, we can have a total combination of cycling to a park or a river side, free hand exercise and pranayama or yoga and then again cycling back home. This gives the extra push and helps in a combo work out of body as well as mind and brings more health benefits.

Here in this blog post today, we shall see to all the aspects of cycling exercise and why and how cycling is good for weight loss. Read the complete blog friends. You will definitely find it useful. Although it’s not like that you must do cycling. there are many more methods for weight loss or burning calories. Anyone who does cycling must ensure he or she does not have any back or spinal chord diseases or chronic heart or lung diseases.

cycling is good for weight loss

Cycling exercise- tips for best results and fitness

The upper body fitness​

Let’ s go step by step about raising the fitness level by cycling exercise. We shall start with the upper body fitness. We all know that cycling exercise is a lower body work out. It is a risk to the riders to lose muscle volume from their upper body. This issue can be addressed by professional training. This is not a rigorous training but only a 20-30 minute sessions two to three times a week, is enough. This is like a pre-requisite warm-up work out to the next level which is cycling. This may be continued for a complete season, that is 3 months to 6 months before starting the cycling exercise. Regarding the details of work-out you can follow the trainer’s advise.

The cycling trips- short or long?

You must have a good stamina for a long trip and it is not advised for a beginner. If you are a beginner and follow all the above steps. As you are now planning for regular cycling as an exercise, you have to start with smaller trip rides. Like first month 6-8 kms, 2nd month 9-14 kms, 3 rd month 15-20 kms and so on. If, after a ride, you find you still can move more, you can try that. But whenever, you start a prolonged workout- cycling or any exercise, you shall have body aches. So, it is advisable to ride trips only in a small and phased manner as a beginner.

Once you have achieved enough experience and stamina for longer rides, you can plan for 20 km ride at one go. I know fitness models who cycle for about 40-45 kms at one go. But that is not necessary while cycling for weight loss purpose. When you are after workout and weight loss purpose, you need not go for pretty long rides and end up to a drained energy less rider. You plan according to your stamina, time and requirements. Believe me, cycling is good for weight loss.

cycling is good for weight loss
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Balanced diet chart for weight loss

You must have a controlled and balanced diet chart for up-grading your body fitness level and weight loss along with cycling exercise. The diet plan may vary from 1500-2000 calories per day. You can check it on web that an average adult woman needs to eat about 2000 calories per day to maintain her weight, and about 1500 calories per day to lose one pound of weight per week.

While, an average adult man needs about 2500 calories to maintain his weight, and 2000 calories to lose one pound of weight per week. Needless to say, the diet must be a balance of fluids, carbohydrates and proteins for detoxification, energy and muscle building. However, this depends on numerous factors and varies person to person and should not be merely followed without consulting a nutritionist. A simple healthy diet may also include the followings in right proportions and only as per advise of a nutritionist.

Whole eggs for proteins and fats

Leafy greens for carbohydrates and fibers

Salmon fish for protein

Cruciferous vegetables for proteins and fibers

Chicken Breast for proteins

Boiled potato for potassium and carbohydrates

Tuna fish for proteins

Beans for protein and fiber

Soups for rich nutrient mix

Avogados for healthy fats

Nuts and whole grains fiber and healthy fats

Fruits for vitamins and fibers

Chia seeds for fbers

Lime juice for vitamin C and killing body fats

Yogurts- have pro-biotic bacteria which help in digestion

The above foods are mostly for people with no disease. People having sugar or high cholestrol may be advised not to take eggs and potatoes, etc. So, the best solution is to take the chart from a nutritionist or dietician.

Balanced diet healthy food concept ingredients
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Stay hydrated and recharged

A work out is surely going to bring the water out of your body. So, you need to double your water or fluid intake while cycling workouts. For undergoing the chemical processes and cleansing our insides, water in right amount is a necessity. So, if we are drinking 5-6 litres of water a day. When we work out, we must increase it by another 2 litres atleast to compensate the workout drainout of the body. If we don’t, we shall get weaker and fall ill.

It’s better to carry a water or fluid (energy drink) bottle while cycling. This will help meet your need any time during the ride and help you feel fresh and active. Take good amount of protein and carbohydrate to compensate the reactions and energy burns. Don’t think to get slim or fit in a month by giving up everything. The diet must be balanced, in small amounts but more frequent. But, the intake should be in moderate quantities each time. This is the best way for maintaining a balanced diet. You must consult a nutritionist for getting the right advise before trying anything yourself only by reading posts or news.

In addition to above, try to stick to good habits to stay healthy

  • Try for 5-6 moderate meals every day: As discussed above, this helps in a more relaxed digestion and prevents acidity, bloating, etc. You do not feel hungry often as you keep your guts fillling at regular intervals but in moderate quantity. Avoid fried foods.
  • It’s good to have an early dinner: We all know that metabolism slows down at night. So, try for an early dinner, may be by 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Late and heavy dinners lead to weight gain. So, the dinner should be minimal.
  • Must drink a lot of water: As described above, the importance of fluid and water for our body is know well-understood. SO, drink atleast 5-7 litres of water every daily to lose weight. Just remember, do not drink too much water before sleeping at night. It affects the bladders. 
  • Have a high fiber diet: About 10-20 gms of fiberous food like Oats, lentils, flax seeds, apples and broccoli daily shall help in digestion a a good heart health.

Also, people with chronic heart/liver/blood sugar diseases, try to stay away from the bad white edibles like




Paneer or Cheese.

Get some alternative supplements to above through a nutritionist.

Free hand exercises for beginners

good habits for health
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The cycling ride trips can be judiciously and effectively utilized by adding a free hand exercise, or a Pranayama break or a Yoga session out in the open. Once you finish your one side of the trip ride, you can take a half an hour break for stretching or above activities to get relaxed as well as take the most of the health benefits from the combo work out. You can read the blogs on Pranayama and self exploration for the types of exercises and benefits of work out amidst nature.

Please recommend and share the post if you liked the information. Do comment for any more information you like to know if cycling is good for weight loss.


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