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History of Children’s Day in India-We all must have enjoyed the Children’s day in India for atleast 10 golden years of our school life other than the pre-school. This special day is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was also the first Prime Minister of independent India. He loved children very much an this got him the title “Chacha Nehru”. His birth anniversary is on 14th November, and hence, the day is also celebrated as Children’s Day in the country.

Although this day was not celebrated during his lifetime on 14th November, after the demise of Nehru ji in the year 1964, the Children’s Day came into effect to 14th November. Before 1964, India celebrated children’s day along with the world on 20th November. The World Children’s Day is celebrated on 20th of November. November 20th is an important date as it is the date in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. On the same date in 1989, the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Theme for Children's Day celebration

 This day is not only an aspect of celebration for the beautiful children and young cute  faces but also a subject of essay, drama, project, quotes, speech, fancy dress competition, running race, dancing, singing songs/playing musical instruments and many related activities. These activities are usually practiced in functions and programmes arranged by schools and teachers/family.

The Children’s Day Celebrations are widely awaited by the children every year. This day gives them extra happiness, enjoyment and the special treatment they deserve. And when they win prizes, the happiness is just doubled while others get consolation prizes and chocolates. It’s balloons, decorations, welcome and chocolates all around that day. No studies and only playing.

The celebrations of Children’s day may differ school to school but for the children from the slums and the streets, it’s really dreadful. They don’t get any fancy dress to wear, no chocolates to celebrate, no balloons, no welcome, no one gives them any prize or no one makes them feel special. That they are equal and they all have child rights from birth. But, we human beings can spent lots of money on data usage for our entertainment but we do not give a try for making their day special.

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Essay on Children's Day- Children's Day Speech Ideas

The following topics may be useful for children’s day essay for tests and exams for kids:

History of Children’s Day In India

Children’s Day in India date

When is Children’s day in India?

World Children’s Day

Why Children’s Day is celebrated?

Why Children’s Day in India is not celebrated with World’s Children’s day?

Best Children Day Function activities

Most liked Children’s Day gifts

Show your love for poor Children- On Children’s Day

Children’s day in India wikipedia

Quiz questions on Children’s day in India

and many more…

The topics of essay need to be precise and with seriatim depiction of salient points which all need to know. The mix of good coverage of the aspects and good english and grammar can help in getting a profound essay. It should not be very elaborate but from 500-700 words will be great. But important fact is that it must cover all the points in required ratio of the content.

Same is applicable for a Children’s Day speech also. It must be short, clear and hence effective. Above all, it must be special. The grammar and confidence must be strong to make people connect to the speech and subject talked about. The speech may be from a student or child, from a teacher or even from parents on any topic relevant to Children’s Day celebrations. A topic which children can relate and connect to easily and get a message for lifetime.

Drama on History of Children's Day in India-Concept Ideas

There may be many topics on which the concept of the drama may be based. But, I selected a few of them as common but can have unique twists in them when written nicely. Please go through the topics below:

Teacher’s play students- specific role play

Help the poor

Love the Old

Respect parents

Mythology based like the characters from Ramayana, the Mahabharata etc

The space- Universe

Cops and thieves

Live and let live the flora and fauna

and many more…

There are so many topics, which can not be covered here in a single article. But this is for sure that the above topics can generate so many sub-topics and ideas and therefore can bring out so many drama concepts. Just a little creativity can help give a brilliant result which can make people laugh or cry through our innocent actors or matured teachers performing for the students.

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History of Children's Day in India Quotes

What about the competition on best Children’s day Quotes. The participants may be under the categories of parents, teachers, children or others, but the prizes must be there. We never know, how good a quote can come out from any of us as these are instantaneous and wonderful. We sometimes say something great which we ourselves may not be aware off. This competition can be live or coupon type two or four liners only related to children. I can give an example of such quote below:

“Tiny little steps,

Grow so fast,

No time to rest,

Best  for us”

or even

“Father of princess,

Mother of a prince,

Feels like King and

Feels like Queen”

There can be many such quotes competition on and for Children’s Day which all parents, teachers and students themselves can participate in respective categories. Our love for children can easily be depicted through simple but deep meaning quotes. Children’s Day quotes are really very wide subject and can bring out new ideas always to give a fresh feel each time.

Dance and Music forms- Children's Day celebration in school

Children’s Day celebration in school may have many ideas but it can never be complete without dance and music. Almost all the children in schools learn some form of art as extra-curricular activities. Be it dance or music or singing, it can be any of the three or all of the three sometimes. Talent always comes out stronger than ever. The Children’s Day celebrations from outside the premises or function hall are identified with the sound of the music, live singing or dance songs.

Only a few to mention, it can cover all the dance forms from modern/contemporary to Kathak/Bharat Natyam. The songs can be modern, from children or even from favorite cartoon characters’ title tracks. The music plays may be a flute, or a drumset, a guitar or a Tabla. So many more options and forms of dance and music can be tried with the talented children. Even the parents or teachers can compete as participants and entertain the children.

Conclusion- History of Children's Day in India

The Children’s Day in India is although celebrated in schools and homes, but most of our deprived children are left devoid of the special treatment for the day due to poverty. If half of the Indian population can save a rupee per day, we can contribute approx INR 2,100 Crores per month for the welfare of the children who are malnourished, diseased or poor. But, I could not understand why a simple mathematics is yet to solve the problem in our country.

When we talk about the World Children’s Day, it was established in 1954 as Universal Children’s Day and is celebrated on 20th November each year for promotion of international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide, and improvement of children’s welfare. Children are the most precious gift from God and growing them up to be a healthy, wealthy, wise and good human being, is the only motto of parents and teachers. We should not be so possessive about the success of our children that they miss out the happiness of life. So, let’s not make machines but let them play and make machines.

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