Captain Cool-MS DHONI- a legend-retires on 74th Independence Day- India

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What Captain Cool gave us? Goosebumps. We can not forget the goosebumps of the T20 World Cup Final v/s Pakistan in 2007 or the 2011 One Day World Cup Final v/s Srilanka. What most of us in the middle ages 30-35 did not witness the 1983 world cup Final where Legend Kapil Dev made it. All the emotions, far more bigger and waiting came in the regime of MS Dhoni. He declared his retirement on 15th Aug 2020. We were not expecting that. With the outbreak of COVID-19, all major match series have been postponed or cancelled. All cricket lovers were waiting to see Captain Cool play although we all knew this declaration was on the cards anytime.

Let’s not talk about his records, or biography, his paramilitary experiences. There are number of channels where you can get the best data for his records. His biography – MS Dhoni- The Untold Story won millions of hearts all over the world. We miss you Sushant Singh Rajput. Want to see you get Justice.

In India all are cricket lovers. And the debate on the best captain of India always has many answers. While we were growing, Mohhammed Azharuddin was also a growing Captain with his fielding skills after Kapil Dev’s all rounder skills. Later Saurav Ganguly took India to new heights and proved that we were no more dependent only on Sachin Tendulkar. Giving chances to young talents from Yuvraj, Sehwag, Harbhajan, Raina, Mohhamad Kaif, Zaheer Khan and many more examples including our Captain Cool MS Dhoni.

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The evolution of the game- World of Cricket

I do not want to go into debate of who is the best. But when we see the past till now, the world of cricket has totally changed, from a much slower game to a faster one. Point is simplle. Until we know cricket can be faster, we are more happy to see our favourite players batting, bowling or fielding. We are not concerned of what he can do with his bat or ball and to what extent. But we are more like depending on him and liked him to stay on the crease and make the team win. He may be slow or had a good technique or may be an allrounder, we are more like fans and want him to perform each time. It took us years to understand that this is not possible, still most of us want them perform each time.

The outlook of making runs in one day like 220 in 60 overs to 400+ in 50 overs and series of double hundreds by even a single batsman is the example of the change in the game. The best and fastest format being the T20, is the favourite of all. We love it because it’s very fast. Players love it as loads of money are poured for it, organizers and media love it for the humongous profit stake involved in the series. So, we should not judge our best captains only though average or runs or wickets, etc. Rather, we  should ask ourselves who really changed the outlook and changed the team. From depending on a single guy to a total team effort, who developed the Team India, the best.

Team India Captains are our heroes- but who is the Best?

Since cricket got famous in India to household game. So many legendary cricketers emerged from all over the country. They always make us proud whenever we talk about them or see them in media or books or movies. They are a true inspiration to the world. No matter how fast the time flies, their memories would never wash away from our minds. The world of cricket is very big and wonderful. Every time some new cricketer breaks the record of previous one. As long as we see best of the best leading the team, we always feel good and satisfied as the flight is in the best and safest hands. And legends keep in the making,

Team India was always lucky to find the best captain always during any changeover. Modern cricket is known for Kapil Dev. Then Mohammad Azharuddin took the challenge, then Saurav Ganguly and then MS Dhoni. Now Virak Kohli is doing his best. All of them were/are good at their times, but we find it difficult to chose one as best of all times. I feel, cricket captain who plays well but can not make his team win is only a good player and not a good captain.

That too when you judge it with a World Cup then the competition reduces to only Kapil Dev and MS Dhoni. Kapil Dev won it  for India almost single-handedly when even Indians had no expectation of win or die-hard following for the game. While MS Dhoni won it for us when he was just 3 years old in International cricket and already the captain. In 2011, we saw how a captain should play for his team.


Future of Indian cricket


Yes Future of Indian Cricket is in safe hands. We have Virat Kohli at his best. And after a long time, we found someone who is one-down and a successful run chaser and brings maximum wins for India. Still he has a long career left and we can see many new records for India by this aggressive cricketer captain. He may be the one who is going to miss MS Dhoni the most as post captaincy-retirement of Dhoni, Virat used to constantly discuss strategies in the fields for best results. And now, he must have all the experience of captain cool and his own aggressive playing combined to give the best performance and world cup wins in coming future.

But Captain cool, MS Dhoni, we will miss you in the game forever. It was you who made us witness the best World Cup wins we were waiting to see. Have a happy and healthy life ahead.

Please comment and tell who is your best captain.

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  1. For me both Ganguly and Dhoni equally best. Actually there should not be any comparison. Both led indian cricket team brilliantly.

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