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Is blogging business in India good? Yea, right, friends! Even, can we say that blogging is a one generation business? This topic seems weird as its not even a ranking keyword or a great topic to write upon. But if you are also a blogger, once you read the title for the second time, you will realize something. What is that? The feeling inside a blogger is not only to write trending topics of public/reader’s interest; but also he or she is dedicating most of the time for a good write-up to earn money and fame.

You must have seen 100s of youtube videos and FB ads where you find young experts teaching blogging or SEO or digital marketing or affiliate marketing. And most of them put thrust on their free teaching. What is free? Yea, their info may be useful to beginners but all of them do not earn well from blogging or affiliate marketing, rather try to sell the common thing for earning through youtube video or other channels, or even social media ads. Although, if you ask me, I would say, if given sometime and dedication any business shall yield fruits. So, equally true for Blogging business in India even.

What Indian Parents think?

The most funny part is that parents never find blogging a full time job. Most of them do not believe that for writing blogs, bloggers travel round the world to provide realistic and best informatic writing with wonderful self clicked images. So, when a parents ask you, what are you doing after studies? Even sometimes they decide what you should do though! Like “Just get into a job or do some good to yourself. Don’t just just stick to the mobile or desktop/laptop like a lizard. Go outside and earn.” They simply can not believe that you tube or blogging or any form of online works can make people earn loads if gone the right track. Only thing is, each track is different for each blogger. It must be high time to change the thinking of the previous generation towards blogger, or youtuber etc. and prove them that yes, blogging business in India has a good future.

Blogging in early 2000s- new then-but successful now

This is also true that only those who entered into blogging in the early 21st century, and kept their hardwork for years, are earning today and have grown really big. Otherwise one has to be the owner of Amazon or Microsoft or Facebook etc, one in millions, who rise to that level, which a blogger may never think to reach.

So, if one starts blogging in 2020, the level of competition the blogger faces is times more than that in the early 2000s. Then by how many years they shall see the success level to what their ideals have reached in 15-20 years. 20 years back, most of the people did not hear about internet properly, how could they learn about blogging? Also, that time bloggers used to develop their own sites with coding and today, you have all the hard work done by the plugin makers. Any one can start blogging today whether you be from any background. In India, large number of youngsters have transformed themselves from traditional or conventional earning strategies to blogging or as a you tuber, affiliate marketing, network marketing, etc.

Our subject- discussion

Now, coming to the subject, most of the businesses once set well, and if handled properly, run generations after generations. But blogging, can it do the same way? I believe if any one who has reading interest, can write well too. A serious blogger prefers to know and learn about new topics or acquires in-depth knowledge of his or her area of strength. This helps them to write better so that right message is passed to the readers all over the world. Because when they write and publish, they carry huge responsibility too.

Now, it is so, that if I write well, my son or daughter will also write well. By write well I mean, that writing blogs for readers is a highly skilled job. Its not necessary that it can be transferred though your genes. Even if after a blogger grows and builds a team for all the research, SEO or technical works, that doesnot mean, his next generation runs well. My next generation may not be interested in blogging at all. So, whatever you did build, either stays average or perishes or you sell it to some one. But, if you are lucky, then things may be very different and your next generation may even push it further.

So, what is the case?

It may be hard to believe but I feel, yea blogging is a one generation business. You grow up, you build yourself to the level of competition and fight the big players around you who don’t let you rank the charts (SERP) because of their high Domain Authority, a good on-page SEO and many more tools for off-page SEO (backlinks), etc. But still you keep fighting and slowly you start ranking. it may a good time for this, may be from 6 months to one year. It depends on how tough is the topic or niche you have chosen.

But, you can not just leave the field, because the game is tough but rather be more prepared and serious about the real work. When you grow as a blogger, you must grow a team with you. A team who believes you and you believe them. That doesnot matter you have partners or employees with you, whosoever you have must be dedicated to the job. You must have a team covering all the aspects of your blogging business. This is also true that this business is so open that usually people keep shuffling from one organization to the other for a better package.

Does team building bring the originality?

So, you must have the good treat ready always. This team building is the real answer to this blog topic. Whether you live or die, your brand and business must be on and must be growing. That is not linked to your genetical next generation but the members of your organization. If you have a hardworking team who respects you for your dedication and hardwork; and if they are compensated well, they would take your work to new heights.

Then it would not matter, who is running the job, while the results you get are good. But for a brand blogger, it would be his or her name with each of the original blogs from own creativity that he or she published.

If you are a blogger and feel the same, do share your comments on future of blogging business in India and also like and share the blog. Also, share your thoughts on if blogging is a one generation business.

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