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balance of work life
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Balance of Work life! This is the most important part of life today. If we can not balance our work life with our personal life, we shall be no where. A dis-balanced life may sometimes work for a bachelor though but not for a long time. Too much work without routine of food and sleep affect the health in the long run. For married people, the balance is more significant as there is a family waiting for you.

This is a tough balance. In most of the work cases, as the job position or business grows, you become more and more busy. You may need to travel far places more often, control many people under you and the responsibility of growth and profit of the organization or business may be on your shoulders. That makes it more difficult to match it to the family requisites.

With age, you get more matured, you may have a high position at work and society, but maintaining the balance of work life with the personal one becomes more tough. So, through this post I would like to share some quotes and ideas to maintain a balanced healthy life and relationship.

10 Balance of Work Life quotes

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"Work is essential for income but family is your backbone"
"Working till late hours at work place may not help you in the long run"
"If reaching office timely is important, coming back home on time is also very important"
"Don't only work for some one, work for yourself too"
"Give time for your own development everyday"
"If working hard at work place is important, workout for your fitness is also equally essential"
"A routine planned for the balance of work and personal life shall make your boss happy and your family satisfied"
"Love your job? Love yourself and your family more"
"Too much competition with colleagues at work may harm your social and personal life"
"Don't work more to earn more, work for a happy life"

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10 ways to have a balance of work life and socio-personal life

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balance of work life
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1. Try for a routine for the week. Like shop on Sunday morning, bring other things while returning from office on week days. This will save time for your family.

2. Meet your friends in morning walk time instead at bars or parties. This will make you reach home early.

3. Do not discuss work at home, try to avoid work calls over phone when at home.

4. Make your family feel special and important to you by atleast 2 calls everyday from work place.

5. Work effectively and efficiently to save time and energy.

6. Plan family outings in the weekends.

7. Give time to your kid and teach him or her one or two subjects and some important lessons of life

8. Watch movies or web series, TV shows together.

9.  Cook food for your family atleast once or twice a week.

10. Be logically specific at your work and illogically holidaying mood at home.

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