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Backlinks are now a very important tool of modern SEO to compete and rank a page or site on the first page of leading search engines.

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Lets first know what is a backlink. When the url of a site (A) is directly linked or linked through anchor texts on a page of another site (B), those links are called backlinks of site (A). These links increase the credibility and authority of the site (A) and helps to rank the site on the first page.

This blog is for the beginners and we shall explain the entire link system & strategy. Just read till the end. Let’s start from the first step and explain point by point:

Write a blog

Suppose, you are a beginner blogger and want to start your first blog. First select the niche. Then write down the important facts you need to cover in your blog. It’s on you if you want a series of blogs on the subject or a promotional blog or a solution blog. Anything, would be great. You must follow one formula. That is don’t get the “how to rank on 1st page” on your nerves when you are writing. When you are writing, you must be into it and NO COPYING or PLAGIARISM. Just try to be optimistic while writing in your grammar and be connective to the readers.

Keyword Research

Once the blog is ready, now it’s time for putting the right word in the right place. For this, you need to first check your competitor’s page keywords or key phrases for which it is ranking. Then take the help of any free keyword suggestion tool and select your keywords or phrases. Put them on the right place. Read the blog yourself. You will definitely find mistakes or improvement area to work again. Once, the keywords and key phrases are filled. Then comes the next step, SEO.

On-page SEO

On page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a mix of number of important instruments which you need to take care for ranking through content. For this, take any free SEO pluggin in your page builder and install it. Once your blog content is ready from the first step, the pluggin shall suggest you the corrections. It covers the TITLE- H1 & H2, etc headings, length of content between the headings, paragraph weight, the slug of the blog, the meta description, the keyword or key phrase on which the blog is based.

You can improve the readability and the SEO score of the page accordingly till you get a good score from the pluggin.

Publish the blog in private mode

Once step 1 & 2 are complete, the blog is ready for getting published in the private mode. That means people can not see it. Now why people should not see it. You have completed the blog content & on page SEO. Now, it must be the time, you get your reward. You can definitely try publishing public. But first you have to get your page indexed in Google or other search engines. Don not worry, that is not a rocket science and you can do it easily. Your blog source or SEO pluggin also does that for you. Only then people can see your published page.

However, you may find that within a little time, your page is ranking. But bad news is, not on the first page. You shall find yourself a little confused. That, it ranked but may be on the 2nd, or 3rd or 8th page or beyond 100 even. Now, what to do? what is the strategy for ranking your page? Now when you check all the sites on the first page, you will find some of them even do not have much traffic but they have huge number of BACKLINKS.

Today the content and on page SEO can rank you on first page only when either you have an established blog site with backlinks. Or an old site with good traffic and authority. What if you don’t have both but have a good and fresh content. Then you also have to build in backlinks. This is the prime reason why new bloggers take time to come up while the cream bloggers are getting creamier.


You will find many ways of creating backlinks or the off-page SEO in Youtube or other blogs. Some will suggest wikipedia, some may say Quora or even guest posts in blog sites. But for a beginner all area difficult and it takes generous amount of time. So, if you plan to be a blogger by profession, then first plan everything and then for 2-3 months associate with healthy blogging sites with guest posts, Quora Q&A, social media etc. After some time, when you publish your first blog, you easily get backlinks to your blog site. And because you are now known to the old healthy sources, you can build new links faster.


Buy backlinks. Now this is not for a new blogger or beginner ofcourse but now without backlinks, you can not rank your page in top 10 position. That too, not a single or couple of backlinks, but hundreds of them are required. Not only quantity but also definitely quality. You must be aware that you do not to sources which are violating GOOGLE’s or any other search engine’s policy, then your page may also land in trouble.

Do-follow backlinks and No-follow backlinks

These are the two types of backlinks which are seen while analyzing any website, may be one of your competitor’s. The Do-follow backlinks mean that the site which has content in its pages, show link to your site and the site recommends good about your site. Basically the site is saying ” do follow” it guys. The more the do-follow links, the more will be the domain authority. On the other hand, No-follow backlinks mean although the site has some linking content to your site but does not recommend your site to the Search Engines. You have increase the number of do-follow backlinks if you have to rank your page on the first page. Then comes the continous updation and monitoring of the backlinks and rankings. That can be done through free or paid pluggins.

Free pluggins are eye washer most of the times and generally do not add any value. For example, you enter your URL into a free backlink generator website. Once you run it, you may see number of link sites are displayed which the pluggin claims to be connected backlinks to your site. But, when you visit the sites one by one, you will find that basically these are not backlinks but temporary searches with your URL on small search engines or site health checker sites or apps and like that. Some of the site seven show, “sorry, could not find the domain name”. Yea, its not funny.

While the paid sites where you get to buy backlinks in packages and huge numbers are the real game changers. Some of the top sites buying/selling backlinks, you may search and know about are:

Buy and Sell text links

Top Backlink buy-sell sites

  • GETBACKLINKS.NET – This is a backlink buy-sell website running since over a decade now. It can help you top the charts. You can register into the site and find the deals for ranking up on the first page.
  • MONEYROBOT.COM – This is a unique site for buying and selling backlinks. It treats each new visitor who registers as its affiliate. Along with development of the site for which the visitor approached this site, the visitor can also earn money through the unique affiliate program based on network marketing.
  • LINKLIFTING.COM – This site is also a different from other site. It running since past 10 years and claims that it helps provide backlinks not by a software but through its expert team. It claims for a top position within 4 months from start.
  • BACKLINKS.COM – This site is also another useful tool to get good number and quality backlinks. It also offers an affiliate program and the promotion can go hand in hand.
  • Buy Backlinks

    ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener” aria-label=”undefined (opens in a new tab)”>BLACKHATLINKS.COM

    – The site is 9 years in the business and is ranking the charts with its service for growing your site. But, when you register, you will find the site’s confirmation mail is shown as spam in Google, Yahoo and other sites. So, we can not for sure comment about the site in details. One has to try and know.

Is spending on BACKLINKS worthy?

Is it worthy to spend on this and get your site to rank? Will you be satisfied with this? Is it right? Answer may be anything, but important is to get your site ranked on top and maintain it on top 5. Once you have this goal, you will keep working on it and constantly monitor it. You should not think this way as if any content buying backlinks shall rank. No, it’s not that. Even if it does for a moment, the next moment it will be out of the surface. GOOGLE and other search engines constantly monitor and upgrade their search algorithms so that their customer do not find spam when they search anything there. The content, on-page SEO and backlinks – all should be healthy to drive a good traffic to your blog. Only then you can think of monetization.


Once you have now paid and established your site on the first page of GOOGLE or other search engines, now your job is not over. Even, the challenges increase. What is the new challenge then? To maintain and hold your position. How to do this? You are obviously not changing the content of the published blog. Then what? Yea, its backlinks, you need to monitor and analyze constantly and even try increase it to keep on the top. For this, we have many tools- paid and free. The top 5 are:


These tools not only monitor the backlinks but also help audit your competitor’s site and keywords or backlinks for which its is ranking. So, select the right one you feel and keep ruling the charts. Spending something for a huge traffic inflow to your site is worthy, isn’t it? All the best.

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