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About Us: This site is developed with a insight to reach millions of people in India and abroad who are interested in blogging and can shop from their choice of sites, all at one place...

This is an affiliate website to leading online shopping sites in a wide category and is constantly working in area of improvement to link more variety of options to the visitors, all at one place. Digital marketing, fashion and online retailing has a wide business opportunity which makes us responsible to share as much information to the visitors as they surf though the pages and products in this site. 

This would appeal most youngsters who can benefit from this information and gain interest in affiliate marketing, blogging, digital marketing etc. Please buy products through our site www.shoppingmadeasyforyou.com. When you shop year, we believe “more you buy- the more we grow together“… Please also follow us on the posts on best rated & bestseller product links on our facebook- Shoppingmadeasyforyou and twitter pages – twitter.com/shoppingmadeas1 and start shopping now…

  • INDIA FIGHTS COVID-19: www.shoppingmadeasyforyou.com is affiliated to many e-commerce sites and digital marketing sites.
  • BASIC IDEA OF THE WEBSITE: This site is a online shopping store offering products from the top e- commerce sites in the world. We bring some of the best rated products offered by leading online shopping sites all at one place to make your job easier.  Its very simple. Enter the shopping site through the product links through our website or facebook/twitter pages, shop & pay. Then contact us in this email id: welcome@shoppingmadeasyforyou.com & share your experience with the bought products and reviews so that we can also give feedback to the sites for review.
  • SHOPPING-ADDL. SERVICES-SHIPPING-DELIVERY-RETURN POLICY: In these contexts, our site does not have any control/recommendation. The entire price-ro-payment process is as per the main shopping website only, which in this case are a s above. If after purchase, the site can not deliver the product or cancels the delivery & processes refunds as per the case may be, we are in no way responsible.
  • QUALITY OF THE PRODUCTS: www.shoppingmadeasyforyou.com does not use/test any of the products. It only finds the best rated products in leading online shopping websites and displays for you. Any issue with the quality of the product after purchase, the purchaser has to take up with the site from where the products have been purchased and not us. 
  • OUR MOTTO with valued customers: more you buy-more we grow
  • To contact us for any queries or suggestions on products/betterment/anything, do write-to-us at details given below:

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Do write to us at: welcome@shoppingmadeasyforyou.com 

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